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Empowering Owners and Investors

Regnum comes from the Latin word for "realm". With over 50% of economic output in the US attributable to small businesses, we at Regnum Capital then seek to acquire businesses that form the bedrock across our country. 

We understand the opportunities endemic to both online and offline companies, as well as the synergies between each. As an acquisitions firm, we make sure that all parties at the table - investors and pending retirees, partners and entrepreneurs - walk away satisfied. 

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Our Ideal Portfolio

Partners. Visionaries.

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Online Enabled

The Internet affords opportunities never seen before in humanity's history. A sizeable weight of our portfolio is placed on online ventures.
Examples include e-Commerce, SaaS, and  monetized content. 

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Location Agnostic

Connectivity today enables remote management and systems to be put in place. We measure the ability of a business asset to be worked on, not worked in, as we take control of it and scale.

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Recession Proof

People have needs in modern living that transcend what is happening to the financial markets. Of our offline ventures, this aspect is one we examine thoroughly to remain solvent in economic downturns.

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Pandemic Proof

Global events have shaped how we both interact and transact as a species. We strongly vet business models in offline companies to stand better prepared for government mandates and lockdowns.

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